Acoustic Post - Benefits of Writing

By Shweta Vaghela

I was about 14 when I first wrote something. It was a poem.

Neither did I set out to write one, nor did I plan for it. It just happened.

I’m 28 now and my pen has never stopped bleeding since then (I’ve refilled it multiple times, of course!). So much so that I traded my web developer job with a career in full-time freelance writing.

But what prompted me to write then? And why have I continued writing even now?

That’s something I’ve pondered on recently more than ever. But it was only post an immersed trip into the worn-out pages of my old diary and notepads, two rounds of quick walks in my building complex, and a glass of fresh lemon juice that both my brain and heart spilled the beans.

So When It All Began..?

To answer that, I’d have to tell you something about myself first.

Since childhood, I’ve been shy and reserved. Someone who finds it difficult to express herself explicitly. Someone who keeps to herself rather than shouting it out to the crowd that’s anyway not listening, pretending to listen, or bogged down with their own issues!

Thus, it would all bottle up at the end. Too many thoughts clouding my mind. Too many jumbled up and unaddressed emotions. Too much creativity left uncrafted.

Acoustic Post - Benefits of Writing 1

So one evening after school, I took out a pen and opened my notebook amid one such thought-overdose. I felt something took over me as I began jotting down my thoughts and boom, a first poem was born.

How Did It Feel?

Relieving, in one word. Peaceful. Calming.

As if I could see my soul coming alive on that paper. As if the thoughts were waiting for me to discover this beautiful way of expression.     

And you know what?

I still feel the same joy and experience, those very feelings every time I indulge in free writing. Be it my personal blog, poems, quotes, or micro-fiction, and even this piece of content.

And that, my friend, is refreshing. Like I’m the bird flying freely in the sky called life.

Okay, Great! But What Makes Me Insist You to Start Writing Too?

Fair question. Not everyone has to have the same hobby or the same channel for release. We are individuals, after all.


However, writing is an exception. It is something that benefits a 70-year old, an adolescent, or a 30-something equally.

Benefits of Writing:

  1. It makes you more aware, decisive
  2. It clears your mind
  3. It helps bid adieu to stress
  4. It develops analytical skills
  5. It boosts your creative juices
  6. It widens your horizon as a person
  7. It re-introduces ‘You’ to ‘Yourself’

How? Let me enlighten you.

1. It makes you more aware, decisive

We all lead a super fast-paced life today. And we often end up doing things without giving them much thought. It’s like joining a gym to fit-in with friends while you’re not completely convinced with the idea.

That happens when you’re not aware of your own interests. Writing can help overcome that.

Because when you write, you think. Cutting all the noises – be it peer-pressure or societal norms.

The process helps you discover what “You” truly want. And once that’s clear, it is a lot easier to plan and make decisions accordingly.

2. It clears your mind

An average human has over 6,000 thoughts every day, per the latest report by Queen’s University researchers. Wow. (I knew my brain was quite capable but this is quite too much!)

With so many thoughts dancing inside your head, there’s bound to be confusion and/or failure in rightly prioritizing things.

A simple solution? Turn to writing. It can help organize your thoughts with logical reasoning, saving your mind from constant unnecessary thoughts. The best thing is you won’t feel mentally-drained anymore.

3. It helps bid adieu to stress

There are many things you can’t share, even with your closest. That creates immense stress, ultimately giving you headaches or untimely grey hair.

But if you begin to vent those feelings out onto the paper or the digital screen, the stress may find a way out of your body. You can pour your heart out whether you’re angry, sad, happy, or tensed. Without having to mince your words. Without having to think about what others might think of your opinions and feelings. Isn’t it an ideal situation?!

P.S. – Ensure that wherever you write – a diary/journal/MS Word – is only accessible to you.

Acoustic Post - Benefits of Writing 2

4. It develops analytical skills

When I began writing every day, I realized I was having less and less vague thoughts. I was becoming more rational and constructive. There was no “Oh My God! Now what will I do” kind of a panic reaction to problems. Instead, I became composed, analyzing the aspects of the issue at hand without losing my mind (and sleep).

You’d experience it too, am sure, if you begin the journey at all.

5. It boosts your creative juices

When you start cooking, you not only begin to identify the ingredients but also end up being able to twist the recipe your way. It is the same with writing.

Once you start penning down (whatever that may be), the creativity that was snoozing somewhere within you starts waking up. And the more you write, the more the creative thinking gets polished.

You never know, you might just pause to appreciate the art you never even noticed before.

6. It widens your horizon as a person

Each person who writes, a professional or non-professional, is more understanding, open-minded, and accepting than the ones who don’t. The same is said for readers I believe.


Because as you write things down, you simply cannot ignore others’ perspectives. You will consider and reflect on their views that are totally different from yours.

So, if your colleague doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t mean they’re wrong. But you’ll only understand this when you try to see things from where they see it. It’s about attaining the maturity to “agree to disagree”. Keeping a journal is an easy way to do it.

7. It re-introduces ‘You’ to ‘Yourself’

There will be a part of you in whatever it is that you’d write. It may be your beliefs, goals, thoughts, dreams – anything. And it will stay there – in its unedited, uncut version.

So, during times when you’d feel all caught up (which you would, thanks to this busy, crazy, competitive life), your writing will be something holding you up. Lightening your path among the chaos. Reminding you of all that you’re made up of. So that you don’t lose yourself in the maddening, pointless race.

Acoustic Post - Benefits of Writing 3

Lastly, writing is budget-friendly. All you need is a notebook/piece of paper and a pen or pencil to get going.

I hope writing gives you everything that it gave me and so much more.

So are you ready to begin the journey? I’m already enjoying the ride!


  1. That’s incredible! Impressed with your writing. This motivated me to start writing too. Do you have any tips for me when I start writing?

    1. Thanks, Harley! Glad it encouraged you to take it up. The only tip is write whatever your heart says or feels..without the fear of getting judged. It’s Your Writing, so make it Yours!

      1. Thanks for the quick response. I like the tip of not being judged.

  2. Awesome blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything.

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