Acoustic Post - Law of Attraction

ย By Mitadru Dey On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was facing the modern-day dilemma of choice of plenty as I wanted to watch a show on Netflix. While browsing through the hundreds of shows I found an intrigued one named “The Secret“. The trailer was very interesting as some ofRead More

Acoustic Post - How Elephants Influence Environment 1

By Nandhini Rammohan Does the subject heading sound amusing? All things considered, in the ongoing time, we have come through numerous instances of how elephants are being murdered. So after reading this which episode hits your brain at first? Indeed, the pregnant elephant which lost its life subsequent to theRead More

Acoustic Post - Ramayan

By Priyanka Lath ‘Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan is all set to return to Doordarshan as India remains hunkered down during a nationwide coronavirus lockdown’ – this made headlines on March 27th, 2020, after the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi announced a lockdown to halt the spread of coronavirus in India. This announcementRead More

Acoustic Post - inclusive mindset - fence sitters

By Deepshikha Singh The deep-rooted conflicts in the realm of the nation-state structures around the world are consuming millions in the endless acts of mindless violence that are both physical and mental in nature. The societies had never been under so much pressure before. The simmering stress in the societiesRead More

Acoustic Post - Why I Write?

By Parul Srivastava The world has taken an interval just like how we have one in every Bollywood movie. Just FYI, Bollywood movies are probably the only ones who give a brief interval between their movie screening since their duration is much more than that of an average movie madeRead More

Acoustic Post Guest Writer - Rohit Prasad 2

By Rohit Prasad Being young could be painful because this is the age when everyone starts to feel pressure from family and society to do something, to find passion but no one talks about what if you don’t have passion? Is that a problem if you don’t know what toRead More

Acoustic Post - Literature and Pandemics

By Halin Roche Pandemics are nothing new to mankind. They have been there since the evolution of man till he started to settle in civilizations. If we glance back at history, we could see that pandemics have always swept away a bunch of beings, animals and humans alike; right fromRead More

Acoustic Post - The Dark Tower - a writer's journey

By Devilline Stone Iโ€™m a strange reader when it come to epic series. When I truly love a story, part of me doesnโ€™t want it to end. The Dark Tower was no exception, and I certainly dragged my feet on my way to book seven. I have a few friendsRead More

Acoustic Post - rules for success

By Ruchi Jain 1. Be your own role model Take opportunities as a challenge to attain the desired goals of life. The crux is squeezing the last drop of opportunities. You will reach your destiny. 2. Pay Attention Concentrate on your own character as you built to motivate yourself. WeRead More