Acoustic Post - Freelance and Start-up Community Sites

By Hetvi Shah With so many freelancing and start-up platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. Whether you’re still learning how to start freelancing or are an expert in your field, freelancing platforms can be useful tools for advancing yourRead More

Acoustic Post - What is Metaverse

What is Metaverse? Metaverse is the new buzzword these days. In short, it is a Virtual Alternative World. It’s the next iteration of the internet and is going to replace the 2D internet world with 3D virtual environments. Metaverse would provide an online space where people can interact in real-timeRead More

Acoustic Post - useful apps and websites

These are most useful apps and websites in 2020. 1. Unsplash: A huge library of free, non-copyright and high-quality pictures from artists across the globe. Getty Images and Pixabay are two other options for free images. 2. Grammarly: A website and also a browser plugin that can help amateur andRead More

Acoustic Post - Digital Transformation 1

By Vatsal Jain Digital transformation is the process of leveraging digital solutions and buoying up capabilities to develop a future-ready leading-edge digital business model. Today, it means the shift from manual and analog procedures to digitized ones in every facet of the business – ERP, supply chain, customer service, andRead More

Acoustic Post - ICT Trends 1

By Vatsal Jain While most technology predictions for 2021 are positive about the digital impact, there are also cautionary and even warning indications about the threats of cyber-attacks and loss of data security and hegemony. Policymakers will play a significantly huge role in such an ambiguous future. The Internet ofRead More

Acoustic Post - Healthcare Industry 2021 1

By Vatsal Jain Healthcare is one field where innovation is indeed a question of life or death, there is always a dire need for a new experiment to figure out a mysterious new infection and a new incredible treatment to save people affected by it. With the beginning of 2021,Read More

Acoustic Post - Content Creators 1

By Vatsal Jain In recent times, content marketing has experienced unprecedented growth, gaining huge traction among companies. Now, both established and emerging market players are selecting from the indubitable assortment of nano, micro, mega, and celebrity influencers to advertise their product offerings and broaden their radar. Indeed, we are aRead More

Acoustic Post - Post-Covid Startups

By Vatsal Jain The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred tech adoption in the startup sphere. As the world adjusts to new means of life, startups that allow customers to study, shop, work, and communicate virtually have suddenly soared to mainstream adoption. A Big ‘Yes’ to Technology The new businesses are beingRead More

Acoustic Post - Indian Podcasts 1

By Rohan Chaturvedi I’m someone who learns and understands better by listening. So naturally audio content has been a massive source of infotainment for me. From Advertising tales, Movie Reviews, Interviews, Self-help tips, Financial advice to Book readings, I’m a proud and avid consumer of Indian Podcasts.  Audio Content hasRead More

Acoustic Post - Cybersafety for Kids

By Zaid Shaikh Let’s discuss the kids and the new world they are facing because of the COVID-19 situation. Almost every kid has access to the internet for guidance from teachers and interacting with friends. I say it’s a technological wonderland for children. Although there are benefits of having onlineRead More

Acoustic Post - best wordpress plugins

Image Source: WebFactory on Unsplash Content What is WordPress? What is a WordPress Plugin? Why do we need WordPress Plugins? Best WordPress Plugins What is WordPress? WordPress is a free platform for creating a website. 30% of the world websites are built on WordPress. It is a user-friendly tool thatRead More

Acoustic Post - tips for developing a new website

By Indrani Raha Building a new website involves research, communication, and negotiation. Therefore, you as a business need to research and get the things done in a proper way so that besides everything you can also get the highest website ranking. You should first list out all your goals andRead More

Acoustic Post - Remote Patient Monitoring Device

By Mayank Puri Ask those who have an emergency to admit their family member but can’t go straight to the doctor because of a long queue. They have to wait for their number and then they can meet the doctor. I think this situation is not only faced by citizensRead More