Acoustic Post - useful apps and websites

These are most useful apps and websites in 2020. 1. Unsplash: A huge library of free, non-copyright and high-quality pictures from artists across the globe. Getty Images and Pixabay are two other options for free images. 2. Grammarly: A website and also a browser plugin that can help amateur andRead More

Acoustic Post - Indian Podcasts 1

By Rohan Chaturvedi I’m someone who learns and understands better by listening. So naturally audio content has been a massive source of infotainment for me. From Advertising tales, Movie Reviews, Interviews, Self-help tips, Financial advice to Book readings, I’m a proud and avid consumer of Indian Podcasts.  Audio Content hasRead More

Acoustic Post - Cybersafety for Kids

By Zaid Shaikh Let’s discuss the kids and the new world they are facing because of the COVID-19 situation. Almost every kid has access to the internet for guidance from teachers and interacting with friends. I say it’s a technological wonderland for children. Although there are benefits of having onlineRead More

Acoustic Post - best wordpress plugins

Image Source: WebFactory on Unsplash Content What is WordPress? What is a WordPress Plugin? Why do we need WordPress Plugins? Best WordPress Plugins in 2020 What is WordPress? WordPress is a free platform for creating a website. 30% of the world websites are built on WordPress. It is a user-friendlyRead More

Acoustic Post - tips for developing a new website

By Indrani Raha Building a new website involves research, communication, and negotiation. Therefore, you as a business need to research and get the things done in a proper way so that besides everything you can also get the highest website ranking. You should first list out all your goals andRead More

Acoustic Post - Remote Patient Monitoring Device

By Mayank Puri Ask those who have an emergency to admit their family member but can’t go straight to the doctor because of a long queue. They have to wait for their number and then they can meet the doctor. I think this situation is not only faced by citizensRead More