Acoustic Post - Child Overcome Social Anxiety

By Monika Rauthan

Social anxiety is the hot talk of the town. Everyone is concern about their child’s mental state. This article will help you figure out how parents can help their child to overcome social anxiety.

Many children are physically unfit, which makes them isolated from their friends. They cut from their circle due to constant bullying.

Secondly, physically fit children also feel social anxiety. They become introverted and start cutting off from their peers. This thing needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

Parents are busy in making money. They don’t notice the unusual behavior of their child. This behavior looks normal at first but results in social anxiety.

Social anxiety is born from the fear of losing, fear of getting judged, interaction fear, introvert nature, and lists go on. The following are the ways you can serve as the best parent to your child.

These are 4 tips to help your child overcome social anxiety.

1. Connect with Your Child

Setting a good connection with your child is the key. Having a transparent relationship can help your child to tackle social anxiety, and they will feel more friendly to share feelings with you.

Teach your child the meaning of anxiety.  Tell them not to lose their calm and be vocal about their hard situations.

Motivate them about the things they love doing. Be their best support system, and give their dreams the wings to fly high.

2. Prepare Your Child for Adverse Times

Counsel them to overcome the bad situation.

Teach them the way to handle their social anxiety. Be their best friend.

3. Teaching Coping Technique to Them

Techniques can help your child to develop a defense mechanism. By practicing breathing, drawing, and counting, they can cope up with socially anxious conditions.

4. Learn to Adore Your Kid’s Abilities

Never compare your child with their peers. Every child has their creativity. Try to make them progress in their skills and focus less on perfection.

Groom them as a better person. By giving examples, try to make things easier to understand. Tell them about the harsh side of society and the methods to deal with it.

Whatever drawbacks they persist, don’t let it swallow their happiness. Take time from your busy schedule to play and cherish them.


In this busy world, parents are busy making themselves financially stable, and neglect to look after their kids.

Nowadays, parents don’t realize what their child is going through. The upset face, dull lifestyle, and less enthusiasm seem okay but are due to social anxiety.

If your child is showing symptoms of less interest in studies, less involvement in sports, and always feels lazy, this can be the signs of social anxiety.

Try to make them feel happier about themselves. Spend quality time by having good conversations and motivating them. This activity will allow them to be franker with you.

Involve them in practicing breathing techniques. Engage them in a hobby, make them draw, and count.

All these things can make your child a better person, and they will surely cope up with socially-anxious situations.


  1. amazing tips. do you have kids? what has been your experience with them?

  2. Thankyou for commenting. I don’t have kids. All these things got into my mind by my self experience as a child.

    1. That’s a pretty great post for someone who does not have kids. Way to go!

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. All parents need to learn from this post. Bravo!

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