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By Priyanka Lath

Nobody ever wondered that the fast-paced world would ever come to standstill, but the deadly Coronavirus imposed a pause, the unpredictable pause. When lockdown 1.O was declared, we all opined it’s a few days affair and again we shall be free birds roaming around without the fear of infection or maintaining a social distancing. But as India was hunkered down and the number of Coronavirus patients was rapidly on a toll, then came three more series of lockdown, lockdown 2.0, lockdown 3.0, and lockdown 4.0. With days progressing, the government was bound to ease out restrictions to sustain the falling down economy. However, such an extended phase of lockdown made the mask a part of daily attire, social distancing a norm, staying back home a ritual, work from home a routine, and spending time with family a celebration. The COVID-19 pandemic is perhaps the most dreaded one and people who have lost their near and dear ones realize how fatal it is. Undoubtedly, the pandemic left many houses waiting and crying, a rapid rise in death numbers and lakhs of people suffering untold sufferings. As the crisis broke, humans realized that we are guests and not the owner of this planet and need to handle it with care

Finding good in every bad is human. It’s human to adjust and accept almost any crisis to make survival possible. And we proved it standing tall against the fight. We did almost all jugaad (hack) to say. Like every cloud has a silver lining, every bad has a good, every coin has two facets, similarly, the COVID-19 pandemic too had its silver lining.

From the last 3 months, we all have consecutively talked about the worst part of it and sustained a constant fear and hopelessness now let us talk about the ray of hope, the positivity it conferred upon in disguise.

Talking about the new work culture, working from home is the new normal. A lot of doubts clouded the new work culture but finally, it got acceptance worldwide. It gave space for more family time and me time as well.

The most important business trips were traveled on the Zoom application itself. One could not even imagine if strategic business decisions can be made virtually as well, but the need of the time made it possible. It not only saved the expenses of traveling but also the time of traveling. 

Similarly, all business conferences and seminars needed in-person presence, infrastructure, and many titbits to be taken care of. Now it’s all done seating back on the couch and all you need is a good wi-fi connection and a phone.

The more you spend time in between your family,  the more you realize what all the homemakers do back at home. A more respectful and empathetic approach is developed and of course, the sharing of domestic responsibilities has culminated more love and support.

With a break on the vehicles, heavy modes of transportation, and individual modes of commuting, we all got a pollution-free environment to breathe in. With a constant decrease in polluting agents, even animals and other inhabitants saw their natural abode restoring. Ganga, the sacred river turned clean, pure, and transparent. Innumerable efforts were taken up like clean Ganga but all in vain. As soon as there was a full stop in human activities, automatically water became clean and purified. This was a great achievement. Delhi, the most polluted city, recorded pollution-free post lockdown. Nature is recovering.

Apart from all these, many little big things came to a human realization. Once upon a time socializing was a norm, need of the hour and now social distancing is maintained. Laughably, the whole nation is now covering its mouth with a mask. Looking around, it feels like we have walked into a different era with people with a mask, maintaining distance from each other. 

Life outside came to a standstill surely but life became more happening inside homes for sure – old games were replayed, chit-chatting with friends. While we were distancing physically, we came closer virtually.

The pandemic no doubt devastated many families but the pandemic made humans think about their activities. Our planet earth has a limit and has to be handled with care.

Let’s now join our hands to grow beyond the crisis and make this world a better place to live.

Stay home ,stay safe….


  1. Avatar

    It’s a good post for positivity but not sure if everyone can think similarly. What about people who would have been struggling to pay rent? How can they stay positive?

    1. priyanka

      Absolutely Adrina, there is no denying to the suffering that the pandemic has brought to the people, but amid all negativity I tried spreading some hope so that uplifts the strength to bear the suffering. At the end of the day it’s our positivity that keeps us going.

      1. Avatar

        Thanks for clarifying and I apologize if I came off guard in my last comment.

        1. priyanka

          Absolutely not. As a writer, comments of the readers are valuable. Thanks for reading the article. I hope you keep reading me in future as well

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