Acoustic Post - Don't be a Perfectionist

By Anastasia Mizrahina

Do you feel things need to be perfect to be satisfied? Unfortunately, too frequent and desperate attempts to be the best of the lot is not always a good sign. Many people worldwide are struggling from perfectionism, which is a social scourge in our society full of five-star hotels, luxury, and ideal Instagram photos. Although culturally we often interpret perfectionism as a positive phenomenon, sometimes it leads to self-destruction and a lack of desired success. One should remember that striving for flawlessness is not always a bad thing, but this is a path full of turns and twists. 

 So what’s wrong with an idea to be perfect?

1. Perfection is an Enemy of Progress

The primary problem with perfectionism is that it negates effectiveness. Ironically, unrealistic expectations and a high level of perfectionism prevent us from giving a good account of ourselves. Many people strain themselves to the utmost. They work harder and longer than is desirable and even possible. Unfortunately, this can lead only to physical depletion.

2. Perfectionism is a Dead-End Road

The essence of perfectionism is to attain an ideal. But all we know that this is a losing battle. One can endlessly improve English. However, even doing this 24 hours a day, the level of English will not be “ideal.”

3. Being a Perfectionist is Bad for your Health

Research confirms that perfectionism may lead to a number of clinical issues: social anxiety disorder, depression, anorexia, PTSR, chronic headache, insomnia, binge eating, and even suicide ideation. It is interesting to note that there is an inverse correlation – mental problems contribute to perfectionism as well.

The Last Thing…

Despite all of the aforesaid, the modern world still carries the culture of high achievers. However, one should know where to stop. Perfectionism does not have to be an enemy, but it is other than a sworn friend. If you are a perfectionist, you can just take this advantage to better yourself in something you love to do. Just do your best and move on.

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