Acoustic Post - Easing Children's Dentist Fear

By Halin Roche

Follow below 7 tips for easing children’s dentist fear.

  1. Start when young
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Be careful with words
  4. Educate children about their teeth
  5. Don’t take children for your dentist appointment
  6. Don’t offer chocolate and candies
  7. Give them small surprises

1. Start when young

Take your child to the dentist while young. The earlier a child gets to know the dentist, the better. The child will get to know about what a dental check-up is and its importance. 

2. Keep it simple

Don’t explain to your kid too much about what will exactly happen at the dentist. Avoid giving too many details and don’t tell your kid he or she will be undergoing treatment. This may help to prevent unnecessary anxiety.

3. Be careful with the words!

Better not to use the words such as “pain”, “hurt” etc. instead tell your child that he or she is going to the dentist to get a more beautiful smile or a set of white and clean teeth. Let the child himself know what it will be from the dentist itself. 

4. Let your kid know about their teeth

Make your child brush their teeth on their own and tell them to count their teeth. Explain to them the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. This will increase their curiosity about dental check-ups.

5. Never take your child with you for your dental appointment

Refrain from taking your child while getting your teeth checked. Parents often think that this will help the child to know the dentist but instead, it will instill fear among children as dentists deal with adult’s teeth more differently than they deal with a child’s.

6. Don’t offer chocolates and candies

Avoid giving sugary stuff as a compliment to your child for visiting the dentist. It may mess up their teeth more than before. Never try to bribe them by giving a candy. Appreciate them for their bravery instead. 

7. Gift them small surprises

Surprise your kid with new colorful toothbrushes, toothbrush holder, or good flavor toothpaste. This will make them less frightened and more curious about the check-up.  

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