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World Fun Facts

1. The world’s current population is 7.8 billion and if we all stand shoulder-to-shoulder, we all could fit in Los Angeles, according to National Geographic.

2. Worldometers tracks the world’s population in real-time.

3. There are only 3 countries in the world that don’t use metric system – Liberia, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and USA. (Metric system is based on meter, liter and grams).

4. Diomede Islands are only 2.4 miles apart but the time difference between them is 21 hours because one of them is in Russia (Big Diomede) and the other one in the USA (Alaska).

5. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, measuring just 0.2 square miles followed by Monaco (0.78 square miles).

6. Spain, ‘Bosnia and Herzegovina’, Kosovo and San Marino are the only 4 countries in the world whose national anthem does not have official lyrics.

7. Pitcairn Islands (British Overseas Territory) is the least populous country (national jurisdiction) in the world with a population of only 50 people as of 2019.

8. Sugar was considered a spice in England in the 12th century and not a sweetener.

9. Kit Kat Cheesecake is a real thing and you can buy it on Amazon.

10. North Korea and Cuba are the only places you can’t buy Coca-Cola.

11. Redwoods, California has the tallest trees (Sequoia sempervirens) in the world. Hyperion tree was discovered in 2006 and is 380.3 feet (115.9 m) tall.

12. Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. Unicorn is associated with dominance and chivalry which is why it was chosen as Scotland’s national animal.

13. Setenil de las Bodegas is a town in Spain built completely under rock. Few historians believe that it has been occupied since the Stone Age.

Acoustic Post - Fun Facts - Sentenil de Las Bodegas

14. ‘Tu‘ has the same meaning in multiple languages including Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Latvian, and Lithuanian. It means ‘You‘ in all these languages.

Unfortunate Fun Facts

1. Ronald Wayne was the third co-founder of Apple Inc alongside Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Ron sold his 10% stake in Apple in April 1976 (within 12 days of forming Apple) at $2,300. Had he kept his stake, his net worth would have been $178 million in 1980 (only 4 years after Apple went public).

2. Pete Best was the original drummer of The Beatles before Ringo Starr. Pete was dismissed from the group in August 1962, five months before the group gained international fame.

3. Roy Sullivan from Virginia (US) was hit by lightning on 7 occasions between 1942 and 1977 and survived all of them. He was recorded in Guinness World Records for this reason and given the nickname “Human Lightning Conductor” and “Human Lightning Rod”. His friends started avoiding him because of the fear of being hit by lightning. He committed suicide with a gunshot at the age of 71 in 1983.

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