Acoustic Post - Make the Right Career Choice

By Isha Narang

A huge part of our lives is impacted by our careers: financial stability, self-identity, or freedom. This fact increases the responsibility of making the right career choice and creates an overwhelming situation because teenagers know that their whole life is going to be influenced by their decision, so here they are obliged to make the right career choice. And at their age, they need an expert’s advice to help them out, because they often get confused and make wrong career choices influenced by their friends or families.

And unfortunately, everyone around you can give you the list of “options” that you can choose the best, but no one guides you in the ways of making the right career choice as per your skills and interests.

If you are also unsure about your career and the availability of several options, making it more confusing for you, these few tips can ease your difficulty. Have a look below.

Tips for Making the Right Career Choice

1. Know Yourself

Choosing the right career needs an in-depth evaluation process about your skills, interests, prospects of that specific career option, and knowing the pros and cons of the career choice you will make. Take a paper and a pen, and let’s give it a try for analyzing how much you know about yourself. This assessment must include your skills (which is the most important thing to analyze), your interests, and your personality. Your chosen career must relate to these three factors. If this sounds quite difficult, then you can take online support.

There are so many online tools available for assessing your skills and interests. Participate in the online career tests, this will help you in assessing yourself, like who exactly you are, and what interests you the most. Based on your answer, the assessment tools will generate an automated report, which gives you a clear idea about your strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes people overestimate their skills and think that they are very well versed in the specific category or field, and hence choose the wrong profile for themselves. Taking an aptitude test makes you aware of the fact that you are not highly expert in the field as much as you think you are. And inversely, if you think that you are less skilled in something but the fact is opposite than you expected, then taking an aptitude test will show you the fact that you may possess more skills unknowingly. Online tools also create a list of career profiles, which are the most relevant to choose as per your skills.

2. Create a list of all the Career Options as per your Skills

Tools may provide you a huge list of occupations, note down those professions on your page which you consider more interesting and which you find worth exploring. These may be the occupations about which you heard from people around you or some may also be quite new for you.

3. Start Exploring

This is the most crucial step, for shortlisting the most suitable profiles among the list, you need to explore each profile online. Check the prospect of that profession, job duties, expected earnings, and eligibility criteria, etc. Carefully view each aspect of the specific career options.

Based on the information you receive regarding each occupation, decide and create a final list in which you want to initiate your career by carefully analyzing the income opportunities, job outlook, and job responsibilities linked with each profile. Also, discard the occupations which seem unappealing to you.

4. Try to Meet People from the Same Industry you Shortlisted in Mind

Meet the people around you in person who belongs to the same profession. This will facilitate you in knowing their satisfaction level and experiences. This will also help you in knowing the pros and cons of the particular profession you are willing to choose.

5. Take a final decision

Based on your deep analysis, this is the time to get to a final decision. Choose the occupation which you are most interested in and that seems to make you passionate about working, and whose eligibility criteria you can meet.

6. Execution

At last, bring your decision into action by enrolling in the particular courses and internships required for your desired occupation. Here you also need to perform a bit of research about choosing the best college and an internship program for your chosen occupation.


  1. great post. I need your help please. I am in 12th science and struggling to find career options. Engineering is the only option I am seeing in front of me. can you guide me what are my other options?

    1. Hi Vivan
      Thanks for appreciating my post. My suggestion here is, you don’t need to be bound specifically to engineering.
      there are too many career options such as – medicine, dietetics & nutrition, graphics, and multimedia, designing, pharmacy, journalism, teaching, animation filmmaking.
      you can also try your hands in freelancing and opt for a digital marketing course, as this is a vast field you will be having so many lucrative career options in digital marketing too.
      My tip to you is, just hear your heart and do what grabs your interest, as there is no point in stepping into that career that doesn’t hold much of your interest.
      hope my suggestion will prove beneficial for you
      best of luck for your future

      1. Thank you Isha. I never knew there are so many options available. Young students like me need a lot of awareness and I am thankful to you for this initiative.

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