what is important in life?

We have hundreds of things to do or think about but once we come back to normal life after the Covid-19 pandemic, what are the things you want to get back to? This is a good time to step back and think about the things that matter the most toRead More

Acoustic Post - Ultimate Packing List for Travel

Thinking about what to pack for your next trip. See this ultimate packing list for travel. Must-have: items that you must carry before leaving the house Passport / ID / License Cash / Credit Card / Debit Card Boarding Pass (print or digital) Health Insurance card Visa Documents (if required)Read More

5K run tips for beginners

Fun fact: 5K is not 5 miles. It is 5 km or 3.1 miles. I am sure if you didn’t already know then this would make you feel better! If you are not used to running, then preparing for a 5K run could be overwhelming. Remember, a successful 5K runRead More

Acoustic Post - Easy Gluten Free Desserts

By Jo Scrivner Gluten-free desserts have a bad reputation of tasting like sawdust, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. I collected some easy but yummy recipes for you that will satisfy your sweet tooth, whether you’re on a gluten-free diet or not. These are 10 easy glutenRead More

How to Meditate

Everyone has a different goal when they start practicing mediation. Few want to control their mind, some want to relax their body, and others may just want to blank their emotions. The below meditation techniques are useful for beginners and can help in sleeping better. Start with 5 minutes ofRead More

Acoustic Post - Gluten Induced Diseases

By Jo Scrivner Although the consumption of gluten (a protein found in certain grains) may cause unpleasant symptoms for many people, most of them are unaware that these symptoms can be the signs of several underlying medical conditions. The most common gluten-induced diseases are: Gluten allergy Celiac disease Non-celiac gluten sensitivityRead More

Acoustic Post - tips for developing a new website

By Indrani Raha Building a new website involves research, communication, and negotiation. Therefore, you as a business need to research and get the things done in a proper way so that besides everything you can also get the highest website ranking. You should first list out all your goals andRead More

Acoustic Post - Can't Sleep

By Neha Garg Problem with sleep, medically called insomnia, could be trouble falling or staying asleep. Getting a quality sleep for an adequate number of hours is very crucial for our health and well being. Ideally, we should sleep 7-9 hours but this may vary.  If you can’t sleep orRead More

How to set up your home desk

By Samaa A Having a dedicated working area is important because it wires your brain to be productive and put your mind into the mood. Your working area doesn’t have to be strictly a desk. It could be a dining table or any other form of a table, however, it’sRead More

Acoustic Post - Blogging how to start

By Sritama Nandi A friend of mine was a tad too disappointed because her blog posts were going unnoticed. Even after repeated promotions of her posts, hardly anyone would like or comment on her posts. Folks in the writing community know how hard the situation pricks. Years of experience, blood,Read More

Tips to become a successful entrepreneur

About 15% – 20% of the world’s population are entrepreneurs. Not everyone is born with an entrepreneur mindset, but if you have a zeal for it, then you can become a successful one. Follow these tips to be successful in your new venture. 1. Passion It is very important toRead More

Acoustic Post - Homophone definition

By Priyanka Lath Here in this article, you will explore different concepts of Homophone, Homograph, and Homonyms. I tried to explain all these concepts in simple language, providing ample examples of each so as to make it very clear and precise in terms of understanding the concept and using the fun and pun partRead More

Acoustic Post - inclusive mindset - fence sitters

By Deepshikha Singh The deep-rooted conflicts in the realm of the nation-state structures around the world are consuming millions in the endless acts of mindless violence that are both physical and mental in nature. The societies had never been under so much pressure before. The simmering stress in the societiesRead More

Acoustic Post - varanasi-holy-city

By Parul Srivastava Kashi, Benaras, Varanasi – names could change but the essence of this devout land does not. I had a little idea about the beauty of this place until I finally visited it. The old lanes of Benaras, the flight of stairs at ‘Dashashwamedh’ ghat, and the sunRead More

Acoustic Post - Remote Patient Monitoring Device

By Mayank Puri Ask those who have an emergency to admit their family member but can’t go straight to the doctor because of a long queue. They have to wait for their number and then they can meet the doctor. I think this situation is not only faced by citizensRead More

Acoustic Post - Best Solo Travel Countries

By Mayank Puri All those who are reading this blog, I just want to ask you a question that how many of you want to travel everywhere before getting married? Well, I know that you all will raise your hands because it is hard to find those people who don’tRead More

Acoustic Post - solo teen travel

By Mayank Puri We all know that we can say No to our parents for not going to the relatives’ house but it is hard to say No to the beautiful places when they are taking us to spend some vacation for some days. The day can be called outRead More

Acoustic Post - Why I Write?

By Parul Srivastava The world has taken an interval just like how we have one in every Bollywood movie. Just FYI, Bollywood movies are probably the only ones who give a brief interval between their movie screening since their duration is much more than that of an average movie madeRead More