Acoustic Post - Pandemic Puppy

By Deepti Singh

When Coronavirus hit us hard in March 2020, only a handful of industries sustained, like courier, logistics, and online education. Yet, there was an unexpected player in the market, the pet industry. Pets were in high demand, as they are always comforting and are a great deal of distraction, especially in isolation.

As we had promised to get a Dog two Christmases ago for our daughter, we presumed it to be an ideal time to get a puppy during the COVID-19 outbreak. So here I was, locking my eyes with a pair of deep dark ones, owned by the eight weeks old, mocha-colored furball. The gaze, the audacity; this demanding little thing was whining for my lap and attention to let him taste what I was holding in my hands, an Ice-cream.

Our newly adopted puppy turned out to be my therapist, a friend, and a fitness trainer. One cannot undermine how physically active they can be after getting a puppy. This little Aussie-doodle is much more than just a bundle of joy, for he succeeds to fortify some strong beliefs about life in me.

Thus, let me share with you what I call, a Dog’s Philosophy of Life and a Human’s Epiphany:

1. Food, Shelter, and TLC

This is all that we need to survive, a dog’s wisdom cannot be challenged on this. For him, even clothes do not count, but I will consider them as bare necessities. Rest everything is status, and your status never defines your happiness.

2. I Live in the Now and Now is All that I Know

Being a personal growth and self-improvement writer, my happy-go-lucky four-legged friend, helped me understand and reinforce the concept of “Living in the present.” The zeal he carries for his mundane walk-sleep, play-sleep, and eat-sleep routine is unparalleled.

3. The Joy in Little Things

Live as if this is the first and the last day of your life. Everything that you discovered today, you had never seen before and will never see again. Do not hold grudges, forgive, and be happy. The joy he finds in running around, chasing butterflies and squirrels, teaches me to cherish the little things in life.

4. I can handle Isolation better than You

Dogs love socializing just as much as humans. But, during isolation, we complained endlessly about how much we missed going out and our social interaction. Being a pandemic born, my puppy barely noticed this change. We gave lesser visits to puppy playparks, yet we were happy in each other’s company.

5. My Soul’s Mission is to Love You, Psst…but I also love food

Boy! doesn’t the truth hurts? Yet it is true. My Doodle loves me, and there is no shame in accepting the fact that he loves his nourishments, cuddle time, and playtime just as much as he likes me. Life lesson, first things first, and there is no shame in accepting it.

6. The Secret to Happiness Lies in Being Goofy

The zoomies when he gets supercharged, his yapping and lapping. The wisdom I receive about the “Circle of Life” while he is busy catching his tail. What? you cannot be serious all the time.

COVID-19 pushed our high-strung life on the back burner and getting a Dog during isolation was possibly the best decision we could ever make. With the motto, EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT his presence added more meaning to my life, and I often wonder if he inspired those slogan T-shirts. I intend to preserve the pearls of wisdom this precious little thing has bestowed upon me, and plan to continue with minimalistic expectations, as we slowly move towards normalcy.


  1. very paw-some post. I am a proud pandemic puppy owner and could co-relate most of the things you mentioned here.

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