Acoustic Post - Phases of Love

By Irshad

Like other things, love also plays an important role in our life. To discuss this, first, we’ve to know what actually love means. We’ll start it from the definition of love. Before it, I’ll provide you some basic information about myself. Don’t worry I’ll try to keep it short. 

I’m Irshad. I’m 18 and from Kolkata. Nothing defines me the best except a high school student. If you’re curious to know about my relationship status, so yes I’m in a relationship. My writings are neither dedicated to anyone nor I am writing this from my experience. These are my own thoughts. So getting back to the topic. 

Love is the expression, desire, criterion, emotions, feelings, and caring from the one who you love. If you love a person you’ll trust him/her.

Be loyal to him/her. You’ll always be aware of your beloved choices. It’s usual to have ups and downs in love life. It doesn’t mean you’ll breach each other trust and make your ways apart. Perhaps you would have to work on your relationship, enhance more trust and express more love.

Researches have proven that cuddling and hugging help in reducing stress at certain levels. The person who loves you will always care for you. They would make sure of what is right and what is wrong for you. Time, trust, loyalty are the key points during this phase in life. 

What is Love?

Many scientists and philosophers have worked hard to provide an accurate definition of love. No one succeeded completely. Here I’ve given some definitions as described by famous philosophers. 

Plato: “Any general aspiration towards the good things and to happiness, that’s the Love.”

Tolstoy: “Love has always based on the renunciation of an individual property.”

Descartes: “L” Love is a passion that can arise in us without in any way we could see if the object that causes it is good or bad.”

Only you can give a reasonable explanation for your love. For me, 

Love is a personal desire of individuals by which they feel enthusiastic and completed with the presence of their beloved. “

Being loved or to love somebody is not an achievement rather it’s a emotion through which one can find the best match.

Whom to Love?

Love doesn’t mean you can choose a random person and make a pretense to love him/her. Yes, it can be said as days passed your false pretension can change into real love. This is rare. You can only love a person in which you found your mirror image or the qualities you were finding for. Love is the feeling that makes you feel comfortable around him/her. You should find a partner who possesses the qualities you want.

It can be said that true love is hard to find and get. But it’s not impossible. 

One-Sided Love

Yes, one-sided love does exist. It’s not an incorrect approach at all. Forcing someone to love you even if they don’t have feelings for you is an incorrect approach. Sometimes it may happen that you love somebody but they don’t want to be a part of your life. So try to understand it.

As we grow, we should try to move on with reality. Later on, you can get a perfect match for you or someone will find you as their perfect match. Again, one-sided love doesn’t mean your love for a celebrity or a person from the fashion industry. This is not your true love for them. It’s just an attraction. It happens when you fall for them for their beauty, appearance, looks, etc. 

Is it okay to be in a relationship during teenage?

Teenage is a period when we’re dealing with studies. It’s hard to make up your mind to find a perfect relationship. Perhaps love is exhibited from the heart. The heart is the source of feelings or emotions. On the other hand, the mind is for making decisions and choosing the right things for you. During teenage, we’ve to opt important decisions for our future and career.

In the 20s modern era, youngsters find a partner for them in their high schools and college. It’s not bad to be in a serious relationship during teenage. But getting all involved in it might be a concerning matter. If one knows how to manage time then it’s not a matter of concern. Doesn’t matter what your age is if you’re in a relationship. You have to give time to your partner. 

Relationship with Career

Sometimes it’s seen, individuals are exhausted with their career and relationship constraints. Mind it! Problems shouldn’t consequent to break up.

Now, I know a question arises in your mind, whether money restricts love? 

The answer to this is no, not at all. Love has no restrictions. If you love someone and want to marry them then you both should be able to run a family.

It’s common to have headaches regarding a career. Due to developing technology and excessive competition, it’s quite tough to get employed. One can easily get frustrated because they have to develop a good career and marry simultaneously. Thus, we should work hard from our teenage. Then we could easily approach a desirable marriage. Until that, the couple should keep patience. And most importantly, they must trust each other. 

Celebration and Surprises

Celebration and surprises are the key terms to ignite more and more love between couples. For eg., girls feel very lovable when they get gifts. They are fond of surprises. Even little gifts and surprises can enlighten them. Expressing love is not restricted to a certain age.

Nowadays even youngsters celebrate monthsary i.e, the repeated term of their ongoing relationship. It’s a point to be noted that girls usually appreciate emotional stuff more than materialistic stuff.

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