Acoustic Post - Prepare AC Car for Summers

By Priyanka Lath

While warm weather means road trips, fun in the sun, and beach getaways, it also means hot, sticky car rides if you don’t prepare your car for summer. Luckily, vent tabs are an easy and affordable way to drive comfortably this summer. They can help circulate air and reduce the temperature inside your car by up to 10 degrees.

Here are a few things you need to take care of before turning on your car AC this summer

1. Check for mould build-up

During winters when we don’t use AC, there is usually a build-up of tiny organisms like mold and mildew collecting on the AC vents of the car. To safeguard your AC from the threat, make sure to service your car just after winter is over. Good servicing will help clear the dust preventing the growth of bacteria. A periodic servicing can also add life to the car’s AC system. 

2. Inspect the internal equipment

Lying unused for several months can affect the functioning of electrical connections and circuit breakers. So, it’s a good idea to evaluate the thermostat settings.

3. Evaluate ducts and air filters

The cooling system of the AC relies on ducts and air filters.  Blocked ducts can lead to inadequate cooling. Before getting ready for a summer trip, make sure the ductwork is intact and connective layers are fixed properly.  

A blocked air filter blocks proper airflow into the car. It can be diagnosed by yourself.  Open the cabin filter, check it and remove the clogged dirt, and voila, you are good to go!

4. Fix the faulty compressor

It’s very common that after 3-4 months of inactivity, the compressor can misbehave when switched on suddenly. This could lead to the malfunction of the refrigerant.  Give the compressor 15-20 minutes after switching on the AC to work properly after a long break.

5. Inspect the blower vents

The blower vents are responsible for throwing cool air out of your AC unit. After the lethargic winter months, it’s essential to inspect how powerful your blower vents are working. 

You can check it by yourself as well. Just switch on the AC and place your palms in front of AC vents and feel the force of the air. In case the blower doesn’t spin well, you need to see a mechanic.  

6. It’s time for a test run

I’m sure you can’t make this mistake of embarking on your journey directly without doing a test run.

After a detailed check-up of every aspect of your car AC, standby and pay attention to its first run after months. It can emit strange odors, hot air, make noise, etc. In case all these continue, then your car AC needs the expert’s attention.

7. Book a maintenance appointment

Your car and also the AC need regular maintenance and servicing at the authorized car workshop. Especially with changing seasons, the AC and other components of a car need a detailed check-up and servicing. Don’t look out to save bucks on maintenance services. Regular car maintenance can add a long lifespan to your car with efficient performance. 

8. Examine your vent tabs

It is through your AC vents that cool air circulates into the car cabin. Make sure the vent tabs are clean to allow the flow of clean and fresh air. We tend to overlook the broken vent tabs in winter. If not fixed, the broken vent tab can cause discomfort in directing airflow in the car.

To wrap up

Being on the road will be safer by inspecting your car before the summer heat hits.

Temperature is rising gradually. Prepare your car AC with the above-stated steps to save yourself from the scorching sun and enjoy a pleasant summer drive. 

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