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By Mayank Puri

Ask those who have an emergency to admit their family member but can’t go straight to the doctor because of a long queue. They have to wait for their number and then they can meet the doctor.

I think this situation is not only faced by citizens of India but also by many others who live in other parts of the world; no matter at what time you reach the hospital, you have to wait till they announce your number. This type of service is now coming to end because in today’s time people are involving with advanced technology that has changed the whole life of the person.

Suppose you are an aged person, a mobile application can remind you to take medication. This is the reason the medical sector is reaching success now. Even the patients can talk to the doctors who live far away from them, thanks to the topmost technologies available these days. One more thing, patients can get more relief if they get to know about the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) device.


  1. What is Remote Patient Monitoring Device
  2. Advantages of Remote Patient Monitoring Device
  3. Disadvantages of Remote Patient Monitoring Device

What is Remote Patient Monitoring Device?

This device work like digital technology which can check and monitor the patient in real-time outside the hospitals. With this device, you don’t need to visit a doctor’s clinic regularly as you can monitor the device from home. Actually, the device Remote patient monitoring is under the term known as “telehealth”. This is used for long-distance healthcare as the term telehealth is the use of electronic communication that will support both patients and doctors. This Technology includes the following terms:

  • Video conferencing
  • Internet
  • Streaming media
  • Wireless communication

Now, let’s understand the pros and cons related to the device Remote Patient Monitoring.

Advantages of Remote Patient Monitoring Device

  1. This is the best device for every patient who doesn’t want to go to the clinic and just want treatment conducted at home. First, it allows the health data of patients to be sent to doctors directly. You can use the mobile medical device to perform medical tests and the results will be directly sent to your doctors. So you don’t have to come out of the house, sit in your car, and visit the clinic.
  2. The second might create more interest in you as we have seen many patients can’t stand in a line to meet the doctors. Even some are physically disabled so this device could be of great use. Also, you will see that the device will bring free consultation with a physician right to their homes.
  3. The last benefit of using the RPM device is about the person that RPM is ready to bring a change in every patient’s life. We should give credit to the RPM device that chronically ill people have an opportunity to spend more time at home with family instead of hospitals. This device simply informs the patient about the critical deterioration of health when they need an emergency at the time.

Disadvantages of Remote Patient Monitoring Device

  1. It is obvious that small clinics or small hospitals are unable to use this device as an RPM device requires good broadband connectivity. Also, the device could be difficult to use for people who don’t know how to operate smartphones.
  2. The second disadvantage is we don’t know whether the RPM is sending the reliable information or not. We operate multiple wearable fitness devices that have large variances with an error margin of up to 25%. So the lack of reliability is a serious concern related to the RPM device and it’s up to the patient and doctors to trust the data sent by this device.
  3. And the last one which is important is that RPM is a very expensive device. A huge investment is required not only for this device but for other pieces of additional equipment too. Doctors need to hire professionals who are trained to use this technology.

Disclaimer: Please consult your physician before starting any treatment.

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