Acoustic Post - rules for success

By Ruchi Jain

1. Be your own role model

Take opportunities as a challenge to attain the desired goals of life. The crux is squeezing the last drop of opportunities. You will reach your destiny.

2. Pay Attention

Concentrate on your own character as you built to motivate yourself. We built a powerful self. We built a strong mind . For the goals we find.

3. Retention

Recall every learning..every morning ..about yourself. You are the best.. Can pass every test !

4. Contemplation

Imagine thar you are beautifully doing as your life is going. You are an achiever. You are a believer. You are a doer. You are a positive follower.

5. Motivation

Mimic positive reinforce model a learning strategy towards success. So that life can smoothly grab opportunities at one’s own access!

6. Emotional regulation

Self-regulation in a difficult situation through self-evaluation. Learning strategies through motivational regulation.

7. Look for intrinsic motivation

Love yourself. Love your life. Love your strife !

8. Achieve your success

Write your own success. Pen down your thoughts. Don’t let your mind rott. For everything you fought. Goals aren’t taught.. but are caught !! So be a believer.. Be an achiever !!

9. Believer

Believe in your self. You will never fail. Success is on your trail.

10. Politeness Rules

Patience leads to yields.. as time wields !! Art of time management can lead to break all barriers! Success is your career.

11. Acknowledge happiness

Happiness is around you. Success will surround you.

12. Calibrate to be accurate!

Life will never make you feel saturated. Set your goals as desperate to positively achieve it.

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  1. Excellent !! High degree of motivation from these points.

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