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By Vatsal Jain

2020 will largely be remembered not only for disturbing global economies and normal lives alike but also for the lesson it taught. A lesson that at times stress can stem from factors beyond our approach, planning goes absurd, and above all, health must never be on the sidelines.

Fears over the COVID-19 pandemic and a short window until countrywide lockdowns across continents influenced consumers to panic buy and stockpile stuff. Because of this, many of them amassed months of groceries and personal care products including, sanitizers, hand washes, and soaps. And unfortunately, many others had to return to their homes bare-handed.

“Disrupted supply chain management posed another obstacle in accessing essential items critical to combating the public health crisis. The whole calamity eventually highlighted the importance of maintaining good health to hold up the global pandemic.”

Global organizations, healthcare institutes, and medical practitioners issued advisories over proper hygiene practices during the first quarter of 2020.

The Internet was later bombarded with articles and humongous data on healthy eating habits by fitness bloggers and enthusiasts, with viewers showing an immediate, active appetite for the data.

Scroll down to look at some of the trends that the health and wellness industry has seen in 2020.

1. Heightened Awareness for Dietary Supplements

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2020 has also witnessed increasing awareness, consent, and consumption of dietary supplements. As people realize that the food they consume may fall short of certain macro and micronutrients, they are banking on nutritional supplements to fill in those nutritional loopholes.

Case in point, proteins are the building blocks of life and help in cell generation. Even though meat and dairy products are a great source of protein, whey or casein protein powders could also serve for fair portions, alternatively. Apart from that, they come in packages and have a much better shelf life.

2. An Upsurge in Consumption of Immunity-boosting Products

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All the products that enhance the immune system to level up its shield against the pathogens were immensely prevalent amongst the people. Beverages, fruits and vegetables, supplements, dairy products, and other healthy consumables in all sorts and packages, witnessed a significant upsurge in demand to build endurance. In other words, perhaps the only guard against the coronavirus.

3. Flourishing Market for Healthy Foods and Alternative Eating

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One of the major trends of 2020 has been an obsession for a healthier bite. Food delivery firms such as Swiggy and Zomato doubled up their healthy food categories as cloud kitchens added new health companies on their menu.

Home-style food was a success among cities and people preferring to consume right. Apart from that, there was a rising awareness of healthier substitutions such as organic brown sugar, jaggery, and A2 cow ghee in cooking. Healthier replacements to inane junk snacking have perhaps emerged lucrative for all shareholders.

4. At-home Fitness has Gained Heat

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Contrary to the popular notion, gyms are no longer fitness imperatives, perhaps due to the physical distancing norms. At-home fitness is gaining momentum as people are showing huge interest in staying in shape using smart wearables and IoT.

Easy access to health data influences people subconsciously to take stairs instead of elevators, walk rather than driving to buy groceries, and perform activities that help them achieve their daily step count or calorie goals.

Moving forward, fitness apps and videos are proving beneficial for the purpose. As such, the online fitness industry is growing, with instructor-driven live streaming guiding viewers to remain healthy and active during this period.

5. Mental Health and Well-being Have been the Topic of the Day

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The menace due to the infection, large-scale business upturns, tiresome teleworking schedules, loss of income, and social isolation had their psychological repercussions. Now, mental health and wellness are gaining preeminence over others. Organizations across the world have paid attention to the circumstance to devise employee assistance programs to help their manpower cope with COVID-19-induced stressors better.

The bittersweet year, which is in its twilight, imparted a lot of teachings. Fortunately, we will step into the New Year better armed and more evolved to deal with uncertainties. It can only be met if we comprehend our pitfalls, learn from them, and march ahead. Moving on, we need to learn to remove the bad memories from our mind for mental wellness and adopt a healthy living for overall fitness – as health is the only wealth.

Do you know about any other wellness industry trends in 2020?


  1. Interesting, how it took a pandemic to realize about the importance of our physical and mental well-being. A very well written content.

    1. Yep, at last people will comprehend the importance of health over wealth. Thank you so much for the compliments.

  2. Enjoyed reading it. I read few of your other posts too. You are a great writer.

    1. Thank you so much mam, that’s so generous of you :D.

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